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Therapedic Internasional was established in 1957 in the U.S.A. Now it is a top-10 best selling mattress brand in the united states throught 12 manufacturing facilities there. 

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Anatomic Pillow by Therapedic
Anatomic™ Memory Foam Gel Pillow with Kool Gel™ Technology Anatomic shaped memory foam pillow provides excellent support and muscle relazation for back and side sleeper Kool Gel™ temperature regulating material provides a cooling sensation which keep you cool and comfortable through..
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Ergonomic Latex Pillow by Therapedic
Ergonomic™ Latex Pillow Ergonomic™ has a ventilated design that creates increased air circulation Naturally resilient hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, prohibiting the growth of mold, mildnew, and bacteria. ..
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Contour Pillow by Therapedic
Contour™ Pillow Contour pillow is designed to fully supports your neck and shoulder 100% cotton cover for your comfort sleep Hollow conjugated siliconized fiber for extra fluffiness and better air circulation. ..
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