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             Airland is one of indoensia`s best-known names in spring beds and other top-quality bedding products. in fact, our company, PT. Dinamika Indonusa Prima, was Indonesia`s first producer of innerspring mattresses. Now, over a quarter of a century after its founding, Airland has grown to become indonesia`s premier manufacture of hight-quality bedding products.

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Spring Bed Airland 202 Luxury
The 202 Luxury is the all-new Two-Mattress-In-One bed that has been designed to give the maximum support and comfort. Each of the separable mattresses is a complete pleasure to sleep on and best of all they are strong and durable. As the mattresses are detachable, it makes the mattres..
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Spring Bed Airland 202 Deluxe
The 202 is a two-in-one mattress system that is both flexible and easy to use, it is designed to the child friendly and is most suitable for use as children`s or teenager`s bed and also has an extra bed. Comford Index : Soft Headboard : Basket Specification : 5 -..
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Spring Bed Airland 303 Deluxe
The 303 deluxe is a three-in-one mattress system designed for comfort and flexibility. It is 3 mattresses rolled into one sleek and comfortable design. It is especially suitable for children’s room, guest room, or rooms where space is a premium. Comfort Index : Soft ..
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Spring Bed Airland 3 in 1 Dino Deluxe Kids
The 3 in 1 is a versatile mattress system that is suitable for kids and teenagers who require the best restful sleep, to be in top form for school and other extra curricular activities. With multiple features such as space saving, bright and colourful design, providing great sleep sup..
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Spring Bed Airland 202 Spring Latex
The 202 Spring Latex is a Two-Mattress-In-One bed made entirely from natural latex to give the maximum support and comfort. With the combination of goodness of natural latex and its ability to relieve pressure points, The Airland 202 is the perfect choice for a comfortable and restfu..
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Spring Bed Airland Chiropedic 2 In 1
The Chiropedic 2in1 is a two in one mattress that provides exactly the same health benefits as it’s Chiropedic cousins. At the heart of it, is The Chiropedic System that guarantees the best support for your back. This product is ideal for children and young teenagers. It is also great..
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