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BackSupport Series

Tulang punggung merupakan bagian yang suka bermasalah bagi orang - orang yang duduk dengan posisi yang kurang baik, atau bekerja dengan posisi yang menyebabkan stress berlebihan bagi tulang punggun. Kasur Back Support Series akan menyediakan topangan yang baik pada waktu tidur untuk memberikan terapi ringan bagi tulang punggung anda. Pilihlah seri Back Support untuk mendapatkan tidur sehat bagi tulang punggung anda dan keluarga. Sangat direkomendasikan bagi anda yang sudah berumur dan terutama untuk wanita.

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Spring Bed Alga Gold Magnetic Deluxe Super Keras
ALGA GOLD MAGNETIC             -DELUXE SUPER KERAS-                     Perpaduan yang sempurna antara Alga Gold Magnetic dengan Alga Super Keras.Alga Gold Magnetic dirancang khusus untuk memperlancar per..
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Spring Bed Alga Pillowtop Deluxe - The New Design
ALGA PILLOWTOP DELUXE – THE NEW DESIGN Diproduksi dengan menggunakan pegas berkualitas tinggi, serta dilapisi dengan polyestersisal dan pembungkus bebas debu yang ramah lingkungan, juga lapisan yang menyatu dengan kasur, Pillowtop Deluxe dirancang untuk konsumen yang lebih mengutamakan..
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Spring Bed Alga Super Keras Royal Silk
SUPER KERAS                        -ROYAL SILK -                                  Penemuan teknologi paling mutakhir adalah Alga Super Kera..
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Spring Bed Alga Super Keras Pillow Top
Super Keras -PILLOW TOP-               Alga Super Keras merupakan produk khusus untuk penderita sakit tulang punggung. Hanya Alga Spring Bed satu-satunya di Indonesia yang mempunyai produk super keras untuk kesehatan tulang punggung. Menggunakan peg..
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Spring Bed Alga Gold Magnetic Deluxe
ALGA GOLD MAGNETIC DELUXE SUPER KERAS Perpaduan yang sempurna antara ALGA Gold Magnetic dengan ALGA Super Keras Setelah  bertahun-tahun para pakar ilmu kedokteran menyelidiki cara kerja pegas magnit yang paling efektif untuk penyembuhan bermacam penyakit juga untuk memperbaiki system s..
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Spring Bed King Koil Chiro Endorsed
Chiro Endorsed   Being the only mattress manufacturer endorsed by the ICA (International Chiropractic Association),  King Koil® translates the privilege into its Chiro Endorsed™. The best mattress for your backbone, Chiro Endorsed™keep the contour of your spine align..
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Spring Bed King Koil Grand Elegance
Designed to maximize support, Grand Elegance™ understands how to properly embrace your night rest. Elegantly equipped with comfort features such as exclusive euro top, high-end jacquard and NanoFiber™, a splendorous night rest is assured whenever you sleep on this graceful mattress. Total..
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Spring Bed Lady Americana Azzure
THE TRUE HALLMARK OF LUXURY Spring Bed Lady Americana Azzure offers a personal refined sleeping experience with an ultimately aesthetic design for a supreme lifestyle. Accompanied by the unmatched quality features, vital for optimal backbone support, the cushioning makes one fully revita..
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Spring Bed Lady Americana Excelsior
EXCELSIOR Spring Bed Lady Americana Excelsior works wonders to your spines while you luxuriate in its velvety feel of the premium knitted bamboo fabric. The best thing about Spring Bed Lady Americana Excelsior lies in its amazing ability to address any spinal issue you have, working towa..
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Spring Bed Lady Americana Spinal Care
Spinal Orthopedic mattress helps support the spines and brings you to a complete physical relaxation. As your spinal cord is gently massaged and reenergized back to its ideal state with each night of indulging sleep, on waking up you will be ready for anything the new day brings. Comf..
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Spring Bed Serta XTreme
The perfect blend of X'treme's fine comfort and firm support features, brings extremely good support for your ultimate comfort and wellness. the Spine support foam gives extra support your spine needs, while the posture coil maintains your backbone firmly, resulting in a healthy spine. Comple..
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Spring Bed Serta Tranquility
Heavenly Bliss The Tranquility™ is specially designed for people who prefer or require firmer support from their bed without compromising on comfort. Turn your bedroom into the ultimate sleep haven and enjoy the amazing experience of sleeping with Tranquility™. Characteristic: Natural..
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Spring Bed Serta iSplendor
iSplendor™ Designed to maintain the body’s posture at its most natural and comfortable position, iSplendor™ has everything it requires to attain the body’s weight and shape. Latex, KoolComfort™, 5-zone pocket spring and foam encasement are the essential features that make this mattress such a..
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Spring Bed Serta iPosture
iPosture™ Equipped with spine support foam, iPosture™ provides firm comfort and elegant design. With support features such as 5-zone pocket spring and foam encasement, iPosture™ cares you with undeniable comfort. This makes iPosture™ the ideal mattress to maintain a healthy and strong backbon..
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Spring Bed Dreamline Dr. Spine
BODY ADJUSTER™ Dr. Spine® mattress are truly exceptional, This extra firm Natural Latex mattress have been more developed and orthopedically designed for those with back problem while sleeping. Although is made from extra firm Natural Latex for optimal spine support, it still allows you to fe..
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