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             Airland is one of indoensia`s best-known names in spring beds and other top-quality bedding products. in fact, our company, PT. Dinamika Indonusa Prima, was Indonesia`s first producer of innerspring mattresses. Now, over a quarter of a century after its founding, Airland has grown to become indonesia`s premier manufacture of hight-quality bedding products.

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Spring Bed Airland 202 Luxury
The 202 Luxury is the all-new Two-Mattress-In-One bed that has been designed to give the maximum support and comfort. Each of the separable mattresses is a complete pleasure to sleep on and best of all they are strong and durable. As the mattresses are detachable, it makes the mattres..
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Spring Bed Airland Allegro Air
The Allegro Air is a hybrid product, created by our Sleep Experts, from the Best of Airland components. With its breathable and moist control of Bio Cotton, engineered with 3-Zone Pocketed Spring Technology and Natural Latex. It is the perfect marriage of natural elements, strength, r..
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Spring Bed Airland 202 Spring Latex
The 202 Spring Latex is a Two-Mattress-In-One bed made entirely from natural latex to give the maximum support and comfort. With the combination of goodness of natural latex and its ability to relieve pressure points, The Airland 202 is the perfect choice for a comfortable and restfu..
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Spring Bed Airland 808 Standard
For over 35 years, The Airland 808 stands unchallenged as the Gold Standard in the Indonesian mattress industry. It is constructed with the highest quality materials for structural strength and durability - a combination of Natural Latex with lush dacron filled quilting will give ..
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Spring Bed Airland 888 Latex
Airland 888 latex uses all natural latex foam, offering perfect alignment for your back, shoulders and neck to achieve deep restful sleep. The latex used in this product is environmentally friendly and has a natural anti-microbial and anti dust mites properties to reduce allergie..
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Spring Bed Airland Allegro
The Allegro is the best choice materials derived from the sleep experts on Airland. With the strength of 3-Zones Pocketed Spring, and the comfort and support of Natural Latex combined with other quality components, The Allegro will ensure restfull sleeps for you & your family. Comfort I..
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Spring Bed Airland Orchestra Vie
  Created to provide the ultimate pleasure in sleeping. Featuring a soft, comfortable Plush Top, Dacron-filled quilted cover plus multiple layers of natural latex and memory foam. With the addition of the luxurious feel of silk and natural moist management ability, combined with..
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