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Therapedic Internasional was established in 1957 in the U.S.A. Now it is a top-10 best selling mattress brand in the united states throught 12 manufacturing facilities there. 

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Spring Bed Therapedic Theracool - Mont Blanc
The most comfortable material combined with the latest bedding technology to help you obtain the optimum performance. Feel : Plush Specification : -COMFORT- MemoGel™ Visco Memory Foam that swirl and mixed with kool gel. DynaFlow Cooling Fabric A Fabric that circul..
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Spring Bed Therapedic Therawrap - Cheer
Having good quality sleep every night is essential to improve the quality of your life. This mattress helps you to wake up with full of energy to light up your day with all the positives. Feel : Plush Specification : -COMFORT- Visco Memory Foam A Foam that sensitive in body he..
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Spring Bed Therapedic Therawrap - Bliss
Release the pressure out of your body to make sure you wake up blissful in the morning. Feel : Medium   Specification : -COMFORT- 7 Zones Euro Latex A Latex that will recharge your body.   Super Flex Foam High density and flexible foam   ..
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